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Umm so since high school… I’ve been a litterer. The epitome of littering, I’ve thrown: food wrappers, coke cans, cups, bottles and cans, paper and plastic you name it! I would wait for the opportunity to throw trash out the window so that it was somewhere else other than the floorboard of my car.

Let me make it clear that I am in no way shape or form: a green person, not a hippie, not an environmentalist or a tree hugger, or a person who legitimately has deep concern with global warming issues. I personally believe that God put us on the planet as his favored species and genesis tells us that mankind is to tend to the planet we are the planets’ keepers. GENESIS 2:15 15 The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.  So what I was doing was wrong not only from a legal standpoint but also spiritually.

As far as the environment goes and I say – clear cut then replant, if it’s a legitimate species worth saving then yes provide a sanctuary and the land for it to survive on but if it’s some endangered bug, fill that pond with cement.

Man clearly has domain over animals but… like I said from an ethical standpoint I haven’t been acting correctly…

Now like a month and a half ago I started thinking about of what Lubbock looks like, if you seen Lubbock, TX you know what I’m talking about!

That whole, “don’t mess with Texas thing “ is bull dookie. People must just pour their trash in their back alleys or the dumpsters must not have lids cause there is trash everywhere.

And as you drive down the freeway you see trash, you even seen that here in Washington. You see trash, THE EVERGREEN STATE, hunks of tires, cans bottles, wrappers, TRASH.

Now people do their part to clean up and make it eco-friendly …but I haven’t been doing my part.

I want to confess that I individually have greatly been contributing to the littering problem.  Now no one turn me in to 5-0 , I’ve probably amassed like 60,000$ in fines. I’ve never thrown anything off an interstate overpass I’m not crazy! But I was an expert litterer, I did it constantly!

I would clean my car out on the drive home, I would look in my rear view mirror and do it discretely … pitch wrappers cans bottles cups plastic paper bags whatever, and I’m horrible and terrible for doing that.

I’m disappointed in what I used to do. I told my dad one day and he said “I didn’t train you that way, you disappoint me” but I am a reformed person, I no longer do that, I stopped cold turkey…didn’t wean myself off… like every other day… when I stopped I was DONE!

I said to myself “It’s wrong you’re adding to the problem!” Now I don’t want to get political or environmental and talk about how I killed mother earth and how I should buy 600 carbon credits.

It’s simply about stopping doing something when you realize or come to the conclusion that you’re acting inappropriately.

No longer will I litter, I stand before you now, I don’t do that anymore, and I’m done! I realize the error of my ways and I am a reformed litterer. I leave the trash in the car, and clean when I tend to it …

Now to me it isn’t sickening like an abusive father, but it’s disappointing that my goal was to clean my car on the sides of the road, I’m SHOCKED…that no one ever told on me. It would have been so easy to get pulled over

Enraged driver: Hello 911, yeah I’ve got a GMC driving down the road throwing out trash.

Operator: we’ll send the police right away!

I did it in Lubbock worse than I did it here, that don’t mess with Texas thing didn’t apply to me. BUT I’m not incorrigible. I will not litter anymore, and while I don’t plan to adopt-a-highway., I will not litter anymore!!