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The things people decorate their homes with are always funny. Some people buy the most random and useless garbage of which to adorn their houses.

But of everything I’ve seen the decorative throw pillow, throws me the most. (Ba dum pssh)

Okay so I understand that the throw pillow on the living room couch is there to tie the room together  – dude’s rug, big Lebowski, CLASSIC!~

And it matches the other colors of the room, and it is decorative. BUT, there could not be a more USELESS piece of furniture!

This thing gets thrown to the floor, moved out of the way or adjusted by every single person who sits down!

It should be called the throw (on the floor cause its in the way) pillow.

And the lucrative business savvy of the person that came up with the idea for the pillow made for decoration! Must be a bazillionaire.

Cause’ I mean, regular pillow at wal*mart: 6.99 (this one you sleep on, Nightly!)

Throw pillow at Pier 1 imports: 22.50 , its imported, from Taipei.


The two only times I ever see the decorative throw pillow actually utilized is when some poor soul shows up late to the soirée –  and has to sit on the floor like a misbehaved child.

Poor guy is like – “on the floor? Really? you don’t have one extra folding chair, well put me at the children’s table while we eat too, geez, matter of fact, pass me on of those throw pillows, if I’m going to sit on the floor like a schnauzer, I’m at least going to be semi comfortable.”

Or …

When someone next to you or across the room says something crass or insulting, then it really becomes a throw pillow as you bean someone for being a butt.

The tags are always amusing on these pillows, the places these pillows come from and the advice they offer you for proper pillow maintenance. It really is a good read when the conversation gets boring.

Put em in your house, put 30 on your love seat, but they are useless even as decoration all they do is offer unneccessary additional symmetry.

Pet rocks mood rings furbys tack onto that….the throw pillow.   POINTLESS!


As the Inaugural post to polluting the web with my simple thought… i’d like to offer a tribute!

Do you remember Paperboy for the orig’ NES? Oh what a game! the memories I have of that game. This game came out for the Nintendo in 84′ … great year. When I was like 4-5 years old that was a fantastic game to have. I mean sure Mario Brothers, Dig Dug, RBI baseball, Tyson’s punch out and all the others were great too. But I remember being especially fond of paperboy!

You got to see the houses that were your subscribers and those were your people. So you either tag the front door with a paper or if you were Gooooood then you rang em up into their mailbox!

Classic game! your job was to deliver to the blue houses (the subscribers) and to vandalize the red (non-subscriber) houses…. HA HA   SO, they’d become your subscribers. I always felt a little bad trying to smash windows with my leftover papers but it was always hilarious!

Then, in the midst of a regular 13 year old kids paper route you’d run into an array of “likely” hazzards. You know, cars, skateboards, lawnmowers, children playing, dogs…and of course RC Cars, Go Carts, and much worse.  The part I never liked as a little dude was when out of nowhere in the middle of suburbia an 8 foot TORNADO would come out and chase you down the street! HAHAHA     The part I luuuuuuved… was a woman would come tearing out of a house (USUALLY A SUBSCRIBER) and she would chase you down the street in a bathrobe and hairnet, and you would BRICK this woman in the FACE to get her to stop chasing you…classic!

Sure games evolved and became steadily more awesome, Goldeneye, Madden’s (all 45 of them), Halo, et cetera. BUT…there will always be a special place in my heart for paperboy!